CV Original Lightroom Presets

Begin your editing workflow with these beautiful presets from Caroline. A collection of clean and beach-inspired looks.  These filters will add beachy, subtle tones to enhance your beach & landscape shots, providing a great starting point for your edits.

“I love exploring the natural dune and beach landscape in my home country of the Netherlands, and I created this collection of presets to introduce cool, beach tones to my images – delighted to be sharing them with you now!”


What’s included

  • 10 Landscape Lightroom Presets
  • 3 Bonus Sunset Presets
  • Faded and Moody Tones
  • Cool, Natural Colors
  • Free Help Files and Support

These presets are in .xmp format. This product is compatible with Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC (desktop) and Lightroom Mobile. Lightroom Presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos.

Simply unzip the files and import into Lightroom Classic or Lightroom CC on your desktop. Lightroom CC automatically syncs with your Lightroom mobile app.

In detail

Caroline has included 10 new presets in this bundle for you to play around with! Keep reading below to find out how these effects will perform on your photos:

  • 1. Beach – a classic faded look, great for moody beach and landscape shots.
  • 2. Beach – Dark – a little more moodier than the standard beach preset – this preset helps to calm down the greens, and introduces some earthier tones to the image.
  • 3. Beach – Gloomy Green – a dark toned preset with an extreme moody vibe, contrary to the Dark preset this one enhances the greens.
  • 4. Beach – Gloomy Grey – a great starting point to achieve that desaturated, moody look. My favorite preset in this pack! I use this as the starting point for the vast majority of the shots in my Instagram feed. Faded cool tones, with a grey color palette.
  • 5. Beach – Gloomy Grey Flat – Desaturated mood combined with some cool tones. My favorite for emphasising cloud formations in beach scenes but also in cityscapes.
  • 6. Beach – Gloomy Yellow – another moody preset, which tones down the greens and enhances the yellow tones.
  • 7. Beach – Matte – For creating images with a soft, toned down natural look.
  • 8. Beach – Moody greens pop soft matte – Use this filter to make the greens and oranges in your shot pop.
  • 9. Beach – Moody greens soft matte – My favorite filter to capture dune scapes. It is designed to enhance the greens and yellows naturally and brighten up your shot.
  • 10. Beach – Moody Yellow – Create more deeply saturated looks with a darker tone. This preset highlights the lighter greens, oranges and yellows in your image. Great filter for your autumn shots.
  • 3 BONUS presets for fine tuning your sunset shots! Need extra help with your new presets? Feel free to DM on Instagram and she will kindly assist you and share some tips!