About Caroline


Caroline is an avid photographer who loves to design and when she’s not leading her team, coaching, writing, designing or podcasting, you can find her hiking or biking.

She is what is called a smart creative who combines her skills and experience from leading multi million dollar urban renewal projects with her creative and entrepreneurial talents.

An innovator who is not afraid to fail forward on the way to create impactful change. Her life’s motto is “Dare to Create”​. She has emphasized many times the importance of stepping outside of known boundaries or conventions. “Nothing is crazy – really”.


She started her career in law, built an impressive resume as projectmanager and today she is a leader in tech. As founder and CEO of ANDRS Projects Europe B.V. (Amsterdam (NL)) and ANDRS Projects NA Inc. (Waterloo (CAN)), she leads ANDRS’ remote global team of rockstars that work on ANDRS’ innovative software as a service (SaaS) brands.

On CV Signature Products

“I find a creative outlet in photography and design. I’ve been photographing and designing for years, but one day decided to open up shop. I started creating various brand styles and added my creative content to urban wear and home style accessories. For example, as a typical generation X-er I retrofitted some of my childhood favorites in my street wear designs. Each design – whether street style, outdoor wear or home styles – is unique and each product is made on demand. So definitely not something you would get in any ordinary store.

My goal is to make you happier wearing a more comfortable clothing style or enjoy a little bit of the outdoors in the comfort of your own home with my home style accessories. You tell me if I succeeded. Share how you wear it and tag us or use #cvoriginals – it gets you 20% of your next purchase. “

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On business

“Today your company from inception needs to have a global mindset and at the same time develop deep local awareness of the markets you are operating in or are acquiring talent from. That not only takes leadership and vision, but also guts and confidence. I have learned (and failed forward) to lead our products, remote team and clients through that rocky road to success. On that journey – whether you are dealing with product development, business model innovation or addressing client value – in all aspects of your business – “collaboration” is your key component that should be nurtured always.”

On creating

“When you create new things – you will find it is not a very structured process. A creative process is iterative and often kind of messy. But the creative process enables us to freely try out things, test things, build and rebuild, draw, erase, write and rewrite, redesign, play around with various angles or Lightroom presets until we think we got it all just right. Just like building a business – there is never a straight line to creative success. But when you are able to combine the creative messy process that dominates your daily train of thoughts with a structured approach, at those moments you can move mountains.”


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