Original Photography and design by Caroline Vrauwdeunt.

Caroline’s photography portfolio has a focus on city streets and the outdoors. Her frames range from intimate macros, to cityscapes and big landscapes.

She takes most of her images on her small Olympus PEN E-PL8 system camera, or her iPhone equipped with a set of Rhinoshield lenses as it is often the closest camera at hand to quickly capture unique encounters.

A genuine and crisp portfolio that shows you do not always need an expensive DSLR camera in order to achieve beautiful high quality images.

“The best camera to have is the one that’s with you all the time”




Digital Art

Order printed products

High quality prints – various sizes, frames and canvas types are custom made on request through the print shop.

Or order unique and eco-conscious living accessories. Some of the images end up on CV Original home accessories or you can find as a framed limited print (signed).

Images turned into digital art are featured on original urban and outdoor wear & gear. Discover one of a kind pieces that supplement any wardrobe.

Add clean and beach inspired looks to your photos

Begin your editing workflow with these beautiful presets from Caroline. A collection of clean and beach-inspired looks. 

These filters will add beachy, subtle tones to enhance your beach & landscape shots, providing a great starting point for your edits.

A few words from Caroline:

“I love exploring the natural dune and beach landscape in my home country of the Netherlands, and I created this collection of presets to introduce cool, beach tones to my images – delighted to be sharing them with you now!”

Walk – your mind will wander

A beautifully documented discovery of the largest provincial park in the Netherlands – het Noordhollands duinreservaat. It makes a great gift for anyone who has ever visited the Netherlands and the Dutch coast in particular, or those thinking about visiting or even anyone who simply loves landscape photography.

An elegant acrylic glass cover and a high-quality leather look make this photo book a special experience that will wow anyone who receives it.


Caroline occasionally enters into photography or design co-labs. Be sure to check in for more details.

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